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Custom home building has risen in popularity over the last decade because of the ease with which is can currently be done, as well as the rising cost of buying a home compared to building one.

Deciding and deliberating over the way your custom home is built can be a bit of a nuisance to a future home owner who has never been through the process before. There are three different options in regards to home building apart from handling all aspects of the building process yourself. You may: hire a general contractor, project manager or a building firm to manage the planning and creation of your custom home. The difference between these three services is important, as different levels of responsibility for your home are being distributed to different people. The differences will be explained below.

Toronto General Contracting

A general contractor will most often assume responsibility for the entire project while participating his or herself. While it is not recommended to hire a general contractor you do not know and trust, it is a good way to give responsibility to a person who you know will do a good job. A general contractor will create a team for the building, manage the finances regarding their pay, generally find a way to purchase materials from their own sources, schedule, participate and direct the entire process of the build. Your job as a home owner will be to pay the contractor up front or in intervals, and occasionally direct them in terms of what you want to see done but are not involved with daily operations in the build. This option is good for those who want the building of their home to be as stress free as possible. However, a contractor might charge a hefty sum for their overseeing and directing the project.

Toronto Project Management

A second option is to hire a project manager. A project manager will not actually participate in the build, but will be on site to manage the subcontractors he or she will be responsible for hiring. As project managers do not participate in the building they have slightly less control over the project than a contractor would. However, this is still a good option for those who trust the project manager they are hiring and wish to stay out of the direct build.

Toronto Construction Company

The last option is to hire a firm that specializes in custom home building. They usually oversee a group of subcontractors under their control, and often offer reduced prices for materials and services. However, business with building firms is quite remote and you as the homeowner will not be able to talk to the person overseeing your construction directly very often, as business is usually conduced over the phone. Building firms will usually give you the best price for their services but the least control over the building of your home. While choosing a contractor may be difficult as reviews are harder to come by, large firms have well established customer bases and it will be easy to select one that offers overall good quality services.

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