Custom Home Builders

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Before the building phase of creating your custom home, you must first take the time to plan it out in detail. The planning phase is arguably the most important task you, as the home owner and builder, must accomplish, as everything from budgeting to the actual architectural design of your new home is in your hands. Meaning, the homeowner calls the shots. This article hopes to provide a quick guide to some of the things which go into planning your custom home, whether you are working with a home building firm or a team of contractors. The following are steps you should ensure you have put much time into.

Custom Home Budgeting:

Before any drawing is done, you must have an outline of your budget and what you wish to accomplish with it. A home builder firm will always begin its partnership with you by asking: “How much do you want to spend?”, and you should be asking yourself the same question. A custom home entails much different financing than buying a home off the market or merely renovating it. As you are starting from scratch, your budget should include things like land cost consideration, installation, materials, taxes and fees, and so on. Your budget should allocate a sum for every aspect of your custom home project. This finance plan will then be reviewed by the company or team you will be working with; they will tell you what is possible, and what might not be.

Custom Home Drawing:

Finding an excellent architect is the key to building a beautiful home. As most architects have portfolios which are available online, browse around before hiring anyone and see what kind of a style best suits your needs and wants. Any architect will be willing to come up with original designs for you, but it is up to you as the home owner and project manager to hire the person you believe is best suited for the job.

Custom Home Surveying:

The location of your home is just as important as the home itself. Whether you are purchasing an empty lot or an old home to tear down, remember that the site of your future home is permanent. Research the best available spots but keep in mind that you are restricted in certain spots by local laws regarding types of buildings, zoning laws and so on. The location might also affect your building due to soil type and elevation and could incur extra costs.

Custom Home Permit:

The next step in your planning phase is obtaining a building permit. In most places in Canada a building permit is required before the tearing down or construction of any building can begin. This process might take some time, so it’s best to use this time to go over your building plan before construction begins.

Custom Home Scheduling:

After you have set contracts for your team and established a final building plan, it’s time to schedule the actual construction of your new home. If you intend to build as quickly as possible you should keep in mind the time it will take your team to get everything done. Don’t try to rush things, as quality of building is much more important than speed.

After you have completed these steps actual construction of your new home can begin. Sit back and enjoy watching your planned home become a reality.

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