Are you looking to change the layout of your home interior? Take advantage of Dezcan’s technologically advanced design process, and create the perfect interior for your home. We provide our customers with complete remodeling services, altering the layout, changing room structure, finishing basements and constructing home additions. Invest in your home today, and transform it into a more comfortable and livable space. We offer the following interior remodeling services:




WHOLE HOME – Transform your home interior, alter layout and create newly updated spaces according to the latest trends, design ideas and your personal specifications and needs. Whatever kind of remodel you need, we can help.




KITCHEN – Install that kitchen counter, alter that layout to include more space for cooking, or completely change the places in which your appliances are placed. Whatever your goal, Dezcan Group can help you change the structure of your kitchen space with our complete kitchen remodeling services.




LIVING SPACE – Undertake the renovation process and create newly remodeled home interiors which are more comfortable and livable for your family. We can do everything from constructing a new bedroom, changing your floor layout and creating the perfect living space within your home. Contact us today with your ideas.




BASEMENT – Finish or renovate an outdated basement interior and make space for that family entertainment center, extra guest bedroom or spare apartment for renting purposes. Whatever your idea, we can make it happen.




BATHROOM – Whether you’re looking to alter the layout of your bathroom, convert your tub into a walk-in shower, or simply re-tile the powder room, we can help. Our designers can help you visualize your finished bathroom interior and offer design guidelines, tips about trends, and make your space more functional for your home and family.

custom house




DETAILS – Want to remove a wall, carve out a space for an interior ledge or re-do your stairs? We take jobs large and small, and are happy to work on whatever finishing and details make your home a more attractive and comfortable space. Contact us with your ideas!

Personalized Process for Your Complete Satisfaction

Our process takes into account your needs and specifications and matches them with the suggestions of our design experts, talented architects and excellent engineers. Together, we collaborate on a project that is completely, and distinctly yours from start to finish. Our word and your trust are the building blocks of your remodel. We take the time to earn your complete trust in our company by offering professional services and superior standards, from the very first consultation.

Warranty Covered Work and Expert Experience

Dezcan Group is confident that our ten years of experience building, remodeling and renovating homes in the Greater Toronto Area will assure your complete satisfaction with our work. Once we have all details of your project planned, we provide you with a complete and detailed schedule of the timeframe, materials, labor costs and contracting, which goes into our final estimate. This means that you can have complete confidence in our costs, and the value of the work you are receiving.

Our company has over ten years of experience building and renovating homes across Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Etobicoke. Get in touch with Dezcan Group today, and get started on your home improvement project now.