Home Additions


Extend your home and upgrade your living space with the construction of a new room, or the addition of a second floor. In today’s housing market, a home addition is the least risky way to add square footage to your home without uprooting and moving. Dezcan Group has constructed over a dozen home addition projects within Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, York Mills and other parts of the GTA. So, whether you’re looking to construct a rear of house addition, side of house addition, second floor additions, top of the garage addition or other, don’t hesitate to call our design team.


We can create the following upgrades for your home:





Second Floor Addition – This kind of home addition involves the construction of a new floor on a bungalow property. For Toronto area property owners, extending upward can be a great way of adding to your home without reducing yard space.


Front of Home Addition – If you have unused yard space, consider a front home addition and add extra living space where you need it most. Expand your kitchen, living room or foyer, or use the extra room as a bedroom or bathroom.




Back of Home Addition – Do you extra yard space you never use? Maybe you can put that area to use as a part of your home interior instead.


Above Garage Addition – The area above your garage can easily be transformed into a spare bedroom, bathroom or combined living space.

Don’t outgrow your home. Let it grow with you!

Dezcan group can help you find strategic spots to expand in. Your home addition doesn’t have to be as simple as a new bedroom or bathroom. We can help you build a second, or even third floor, transform an unused attic into a family entertainment area and strategically add square footage where you need it most.

We provide you with a fully personalized process

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches of you home renovation or addition project, we work with you every step of the way. Our teams offer customers the absolute best in customer service, working with you to get a sense of your design ideas and needs, offering suggestions as to what can be improved and finding custom solutions to every issue you pose to us. Our goal is always to help you achieve the best results, which is why we plan every detail with meticulous dedication and pursue every end you present to us.

Our technologically advanced 3D Design system allows you to fully conceptualize your design from start to finish, so that you know exactly what your plan will look like when we finish building. This way, you can rest assured that there will be no surprises or unnecessary changes to be made during the construction process.

We’ll leave you with a home you can be proud of

If you need a reliable, professional partner to help you build or expand your home, look no further than Dezcan Group. We offer the most competitive rates in the area, as well as a comprehensive estimate before you agree to any work. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe our complete warranty will! Our company works with hand-picked, selected trades and employs a team of designers and contractors who have every necessary skill to make your custom home construction, renovation, addition or remodeling project a success, guaranteed.

Our company has over ten years of experience building and renovating homes across Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Etobicoke. Get in touch with Dezcan Group today, and get started on your home improvement project now.