Exterior Renovations

Are you tired of your home’s exterior, and want to upgrade your home’s curb appeal? We can help you achieve that goal. Dezcan Group offers a number of options for exterior renovations, including home refacing, stucco and stone installation and siding installation.


Our services include:

SIDING AND REFACING – Install new siding, refacing and stripping of old, worn exteriors. We can completely revamp the exterior of your home, and provide you with the upgraded curb appeal of a newly finished home exterior.
designer built custom home
stucco or stone installation
STUCCO AND STONE – Nothing says style like stucco or stone installation in the Greater Toronto Area. We can strip away your old vinyl siding and replace it with brick, stucco or stone surface for the increased durability and appeal of your home’s exterior.


LANDSCAPING – Our landscaping services match your home’s exterior and interior, and take advantage of our ditinct taste. We can install new pathways and driveways, pave over existing paving, design the floral and foliage arrangements and create a wholly new garden and patio design for your home’s front and backyard.
custom house in toronto

WINDOWS AND DOORS – Allow us to help you select the perfect windows and doors for your home’s curb appeal.

We care about your experience.

Our goal isn’t just to create your exterior, but to create the exterior you desire. We work with you from start to finish, planning every inch of your home’s façade. Dezcan’s designers make you a partner in the process, taking into account your every idea and need. In our capable hands, you’ll never feel like the renovation service you are being provided is impersonal, and you have no control.

Get the best possible experience from a company that cares about your home and peace of mind, and hire Dezcan Group for your upcoming renovation, remodel, home addition or a custom build. With our comprehensive design process, qualified team and excellent service standards, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end product.

Get in touch with us today via Contact form ~ or call 647-273-3110 and start planning your renovation project. We offer free consultations, and take the time to answer any questions you may have about what goes into creating a beautiful home exterior.