Building Permits




One of the most time-consuming portions of the home design and build process is obtaining building permits and waiting for them to be approved by the authorities. When starting a project, preparation is key, and makes the process easier and less stressful. Let us handle this portion of the process for you and eliminate any unnecessary stress by relying on Dezcan Group.

building permits - we can help


We provide you with the following services as part of our design-build process:

  • Architectural design and plans
  • Land and zoning advice
  • Application for building permits
  • Interior design
  • Building and renovation



Enjoy a stress-free process with the help of experienced builders

The clearer and more accurate your architectural plans are, the easier the process will be. That’s why Dezcan Group uses advanced 3D modelling technology to create accurate, clear and concise plans for your benefit.

This way, we also ensure that you as the customer will get the most accurate representation of your finished product. Our approach saves you both time and money, and ensures your satisfaction with the results.



We boast 10 years of experience in the field

With our experience and skills, we guarantee a quick, effective approval process for your project. Contact us today and benefit from our connections in the field, excellent planning process and guaranteed results. We’ll get you the permits you need, as soon as possible!