Architectural Drawings


One of the most important aspects of your home renovation is the creation of your architectural drawings, which enable you to have a clear idea of the visual representation of your custom home project, renovation, addition or remodel. Whatever home improvement you are investing in, it simply cannot be completed without a set of architectural drawings intended to translate ideas into reality.

Dezcan Group employs a number of skilled architects and design professionals ready to help you turn your ideas into concrete plans. We use highly advanced 3D rendering systems to help you obtain an accurate representation of your project, and turn a set of ideas into a tangible plan ready for creation.

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Design According to Your Ideas, Plan with Our Expertise

As a homeowner or future homeowner looking to build or upgrade your property, you may not have much experience in the field of home improvement and planning. That’s where we come in. We know the industry in and out, and can offer you guidance and advice while creating your architectural plans. Benefit from our knowledge of trends, style and engineering and work with us to create a design ready for execution.

Collaborative, Personalized Process

We employ and integrated process, which allow us to provide our customers with one-on-one design customization and back and forth planning until the realization of the plans. In order to guarantee your full satisfaction with our services, we create permit ready drawings showing the changes you are going to make, and offer on-site planning, measuring and detailing. We are knowledgeable about code and zoning, taking into account all laws and restrictions in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, we offer the option to work with our interior designers to work on the aesthetic design component of your project.

In this way, we provide you with the most in-depth process available in the industry, effectively producing ready to submit permit drawings, surveys and floor plans for immediate use in your upcoming construction, custom home building, renovation, addition or remodeling project.


Get in touch with our teams now and get started on planning your dream home with the most talented design and build agency in the Toronto area. Dezcan Group has over ten years of experience renovating and building homes across the Greater Toronto Area, including North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Mississauga and further. Call us today for a free consultation!