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If your home has older pieces that you’d like to upgrade and modernize, you are most likely considering renovation.

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Whether you are intent on replacing old kitchen counters, floors and appliances and installing a bright, new kitchen set, renovating an old basement or finishing an unfinished one, or remodeling a bathroom that just isn’t working for the style of your home, you are most certainly already planning what and how to change.

However, renovation of the home is a more difficult process than many expect, having seen it done on the television or in the completed renovations of those around them. In reality, renovating your home requires a great deal of thought regarding finances and the way the renovation will happen. As complete home renovations take a long time, homeowners will try to get things done as quickly and painlessly as possible and cram everything into a short period of time. This can result in poor workmanship and may require extensive repairs.

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The process of home renovation is generally much easier when done piece by piece. Complete home renovations take a long time and render many parts of your home unlivable for a short period of time while renovation is taking place. For this reason, going piece by piece is generally a good idea. Bathroom or kitchen renovation will necessitate relocation of your cooking and bathroom activities to another location of the home. Be aware that depending on what repairs and replacements are taking place, you may have to arrange temporary housing. Most renovation firms and contractors will recommend extensive planning before undertaking any renovation. Home-owners should be aware of the costs of renovating before hiring contractors or undertaking the project on their own.

Home Renovations Costs

The costs of any project, such as basement finishing, can vary wildly depending on the materials needed, installation of materials, electricity and plumbing. Simple kitchen cabinet and counter replacement can turn into a much more expensive project if the counters already in place are of different shapes and sizes. Any renovation that involves the tearing down previously existing walls and floors and installation of new ones will obviously take much more time and effort than simple replacement of fixtures.

Hire a professional contractor in the GTA

Another thing to consider is the hiring of qualified professionals to do your home renovations rather than turning it into a DIY project. While something like bathroom remodeling seems simple, if you do not know what you are doing you risk incurring extra costs should something go wrong. Hiring a professional contractor is a much safer bet than attempting to do things such as plumbing yourself, unless you are sure you will be capable.

Raise the value of your home

If your intention in renovating is to raise the value of your home, remember that while renovating areas such as unfinished basements is generally a good idea, certain renovations are usually not appreciated by potential buyers. For example, while a pool in your backyard can be a great addition to your property, it is not a good idea to install a pool in a cold climate area. Similarly, while a 15,000-dollar bathroom set would be a lovely addition to a luxury home, it will not be appreciated by potential buyers of a tiny condo.

Before renovating consider the following: make sure your purchases make sense in your home, do your research about the potential costs of renovation, hire a professional unless you are absolutely sure you can pull off the project on your own, and always make sure you are aware of the process that goes into any renovation, be it of a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, basement or of your entire home.

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